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Does your website really perform?

Your website and your social media profiles are your business representation to the world. Are they impressive? Do they make your target customers want to contact you and purchase your services?

I’m Benjamin Shepardson, internet marketing specialist living in Key West Florida. I have over 10 years of experience in search engine optimization, web development and website marketing. I build fast awesome websites that rank in the search engines and I build social media profiles that get leads.  Let me help manage your online presence and let you work on your core business.

Latest Work

Eaton Street Seafood

This is a client site I did recently.  Originally, the owners wanted to sell a few types of fish and hats and tee-shirts. Therefore, the original design used Cart66, a simple shopping cart plugin which worked fine in the beginning.


Once the owners saw the demand and the number of orders that were possible, they wanted to upgrade to a more robust system. Woocommerce was the answer.

The new version of the site has greatly increased orders. The combination of design, security, and some basic conversion rate optimization tactics drastically increased orders.

I also do the email marketing for this business and that has been a sweeping success as well. You can actually watch orders come in for the products mentioned in the newsletter over the course of a few days after sending.


A challenge that I needed to address was integrating the website with FedEx shipping. I implemented plugins that worked with FedEx Web Services. This allows the site to print FedEx shipping labels of orders and notify FedEx of the need for pickup. This processing was a huge time suck with the original version.

The Current Approach

Currently, I am building a company blog for the site that is incorporating the numerous “longtail” keywords related to their business that are not addressed in the original design.  

I am currently using Google Analytics and Ahrefs web service to research and come up with the keyword data for this blogging endeavor.

I measure the success of this project in the increase in orders that the re-design and email marketing have caused.

What my clients say

We started with the website and advertising on forums, which was working but once we got on instagram the phone calls just started coming. Every person who called would say something like “I saw this gun on instagram …. ”

Jason Tiller Owner of Impaler Spearguns

Ben re-designed our old site and it came out great.  Super sharp, super clean and now it loads perfect on cellphones. I can also now log in and update and add my own fishing reports without having to call someone to get it done.

Damon SantelliOwner of fishkeywestflorida.com

We started targeting my customers on twitter and it worked. Over the past year I’ve had a consistent flow of leads from twitter.  Next Ben suggested we try instagram for a month just to see how it would pan out. I was kind of skeptical because Instagram seems more like a place for millennials showing off, not the a place to find B2B leads.  In the first month I got several!  I couldn’t believe it!  One of them is hiring me to write offsite and they are major online education company.

Catherine TimsOwner of Ivy League Content

Ben redesigned our site for mobile devices which was great, we actually have customers come in all the time with the actual website up on their phone for directions. We also started shipping seafood anywhere in the lower 48. Ben set up a shopping cart so people can just put their order in online and we ship it out. Everyday I login and adjust the quantities of fish so we can also fill whatever orders we get. We also built a mailing list which is like magic, we send out the email and then in the next few days the orders start coming in.

Sean SeamanOwner of Eaton Street Seafoodhttps://kwseafood.com

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