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How to Set Budget Properly for SEO in 2019

With SEO becoming the basic marketing tool for all businesses seeking to succeed in the Internet race, it is no longer a question whether or not you should invest in SEO, but how much you should invest, and how to allocate the funds. A thorough budget plan for the SEO strategy includes knowing the funds […]

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5 Best SEO Tools you NEED to be Successful

Becoming an expert in SEO takes time. If you are just starting to learn SEO, or are just trying to learn some SEO tips for your website, it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What are the best SEO tools to get you on the right track? Well I decided to put together a […]

What is Structured Data and How Can it Help Your Website?

In the world of SEO having an advantage is vitally important. And this advantage is harder to find in modern digital marketing, especially as someone, somewhere, is probably trying the same thing. That is why being able to get technical with your SEO is vital. Technical changes and additions can put you a level above […]

Top Google Analytics Data Hacks for a Quick SEO Win In 2019

If you have thought about an SEO strategy and have been acting on it for a while, you would require reports to check if your approach works or not. Google Analytics provides you with detailed descriptions so that you can change your plans and optimize your site for improved outcomes. Listed below are the best […]

How Can Copyright Infringement Affect Your SEO

Any experienced entrepreneur will tell you that good SEO is the essence of having your business grow and stay afloat. If you don’t develop time, energy, and resources to improve your SEO and keep up with the latest trends, you won’t be in the game for long. One of the things that can damage your […]

4 Proven Ways to Maximize Your WordPress Website’s Performance

(Image Source) You should know by now that starting a WordPress website is easy to do, even if you have no web development technical knowledge or experience. After all, hosting providers provide setup wizards and one-click WordPress installations. Not to mention, there are plenty of free resources available to help you when you have a […]

5 Smart Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website from Cyber Threats

As the most popular content management system of all time, WordPress has ushered in a new age of web development. Rather than relying on sheer coding skills, anyone today can build a fully functional website with pre-made themes, plugins, and a dash of patience. WordPress also made sure these “building blocks” are readily available in […]

How to build SEO Strategy on a Limited Budget

In this high-tech era, every business should by now be implementing SEO strategies with the aim of improving the performance of their website of search engines. Nonetheless, there are so many websites that have not tried out SEO techniques despite their long periods of existence online. For small businesses especially, the main reason they do […]

10 Great Reasons Why Website Structure Matters in SEO!

A website structure holds a great significance from the SEO perspective. A powerful site structure increases the chances of higher ranking in the search engines for websites. There is no website that does not have a structure with it which might be streamlined or rigorous or disorganized. In this article, we are going to speak […]

Simple Steps To Optimize Your Local SEO With Local Schema

When it comes to optimizing for local SEO, schema markup is one of the most effective, yet underused practices. Local businesses can add schema markup to their websites to make it easier for search engines like Google to understand your business and index your site better. This helps boost your SEO, and helps you rank […]