Content Management by Ben

Increasingly, written content is the defining factor for a website’s success.

Content Management Services From Ben

Here’s what you get when you choose Ben to manage your content for you. 

Content Optimization

It’s crucial to have content that appeals not just to readers but to the search engines too. It starts with good writing but goes further than that. It’s about combining the power of a good writer with a good SEO consultant.

Website Pages that Convert

Complete research and analysis into your market, your target customer to create custom web pages that tell your brand story and convert.

Content Strategy

I’ll create a strategy for creating and delivering your content that results in the best possible outcome for reaching your business goals. That includes keyword analysis, competitor research, and helping you define your brand story. 

Email Newsletters

The power of email marketing is overlooked by a lot of business owners. Maybe the reason is that in order to get results, you need not only a great writer but also an SEO consultant who knows how to leverage the written word for achieving business goals. 

A Managed Team of Writers

I have a small team of writers I’ve worked with for years. They’re great at writing and they know the basics of writing for the search engines, too. When I manage your content, I’m also managing your writer for you. 

Content Gap Analysis

This is truly something that lots of content writing services won’t do for you. I’ll do up a report and analyze the results to find out what content you’re missing. Part competitor analysis and part customer research, it’s basically making sure your content covers the topics and ideas that someone in your industry should be covering. 

Email Newsletters

A well-written newsletter can open all kinds of new doors for your business. Even a carefully-crafted subject line increases the chance that you’ll have a new lead that day. Part of what Content Marketing means is designing a newsletter strategy that gets your emails opened & read, and your links clicked.

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