Eaton Street Seafood is a high end seafood market in downtown Key West. They had a website and traffic from various travel and review sites but they wanted to do more.  Their website was old and static and wasn’t doing much except displaying their address and phone number.

The site was completely redesigned from scratch, including optimization for mobile viewing.  The client expressed interest in developing an online store for their products, so a fully customized e-commerce functionality was incorporated.  This included high quality product descriptions with a call to action incorporated on each page. With overnight shipping they are able to ship fresh seafood almost anywhere in the United States.

Eaton Street already had a presence on Facebook but with Facebook constantly looking for ways to make you pay to access your followers.  I wanted to add a secondary way for the client to reach out to customers.  Therefore, I integrated an email sign up on the website and they also started collecting emails of customers in-store.

This mailing list has proven itself to be extremely valuable in the off season in Key West by enabling them to reach and sell seafood to their customers while they are not in Key West during the summer months.  The e-commerce portion of the website has been extremely successful.