Jason Tiller is a custom spear gun builder in Key West with 20 years of woodworking experience. Because diving and spearfishing are a passion of his, he decided to make custom wood spear guns.

At first he made them for himself and friends, eventually he decided to try to actually make and sell the guns on a larger scale. Since his background is in carpentry and not marketing his initial efforts in selling the guns did not go really well. The actual quality of the guns carried them to some degree but he just was not selling enough.

That is where I came in. I brainstormed with Jason and we identified that there was actually a niche in the spear gun business that had very little competition. Also we saw that most of the people buying this type of spear gun came from California. We had to get online and get the guns out there.

We followed a simple plan and worked out great.

We built:

Jason has now quit his job and makes and sells spear guns full time.