SEO Audits by Ben

You can’t fix things until you know where you stand. 

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SEO Audits

From traffic to user experience, there are many ways to measure the health of your website. And, just like the health of a person, the more metrics you look at, the more of a complete picture you get.

Here’s what’s included in a comprehensive SEO Audit from Ben:

Technical SEO Audit

You’ll a full report covering how well your website is set up for search engine crawling. Includes code analysis, architecture, indexation, redirects, tags, and more.

Backlinks Report

In SEO, your site’s backlinks are key. This report shows your backlink profile and compares it to those of your main competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Here, you get to see what other people in your market are doing. I’ll supply the metrics and the analysis on things like comparative rankings, backlinks, and site size.

Mobile Usability

Is your site mobile-friendly? As part of an SEO audit, you get to find out how well it performs for mobile visitors. Google cares a lot about this and tends to prioritize mobile-friendly sites in the search results.

Page Speed Analysis

Visitors hate it when websites load like molasses in February. But guess what? So does Google: bad enough to actually penalize slow-loading sites. What’s slowing things down on your site?