This is Ben

For over a decade, I have worked at building, marketing, and optimizing multiple successful consumer-focused websites. 

In addition to working directly with businesses on their SEO, I also work remotely for SEO agencies and consulting companies doing

  • SEO
  • Content Management
  • WordPress Customization



I have built and optimized hundreds of websites, first as an SEO company owner, then as an affiliate marketer and now as a consultant. What I do for my clients is bascially identify growth opportunities for organic search by using popular and well-known research tools for keyword and competitor research. I am deeply familiar with SEO best practices.

Why work with me?

My clients would tell you that I’m collaborative and that I understand brand vision (true). And if you asked me the same question, I’d be more apt to say that I have a well-rounded set of skills that I bring to the table with whomever I work with.

That’s true whether it’s a business owner looking to grow their online presence in their niche or  an enterprise-level industry giant looking for a new SEO collaboration. 

Quick Summary of My Experience


Help small and mid-sized companies with demand generation through content marketing at my company NoStop Content, where I manage a remote team of content writers.


Certified in Advanced Google Analytics. Fascinated by Google Analytics. In fact, I read and review Google Analytics every morning while drinking my coffee because keeping up with algorithm changes is my job! Proficient in Webmaster Tools. I also am certified in Google Tag Manager Essentials.


I know WordPress inside and out. I can also write custom code for WordPress customization. I can write SQL and do whatever database modifications needed to be done to support the customizations. I am extremely familiar with most major themes and plugins.


Manage and grow social media accounts. Primarily twitter and Instagram. I have experience with numerous social media management tools such as Buffer, Social pilot and Follow liker. One of my website projects ( is built entirely on traffic from Twitter.


  • Extremely knowledgeable about building backlinks
  • Use blogger outreach to build links
  • Proficient in using the common backlink analysis software platforms (Ahrefs & Semrush for example)



I have a degree in CIS and have experience working as a web developer. I can write and debug code, particularly PHP. If something needs adjusting in a website’s code, I can do it. I also do “frontend design” (examples, If some small design change needs to be done I can do that too.


Totally unintimidated by new software and methods. It’s my job to be constantly reading about SEO and CRO and putting the latest ideas into practice for myself and my clients.


Lots of experience managing a team using project management software. I can be both a boss and a team player. I own and manage a team of writers — with their help, I generate large amounts of quality SEO’ed content in a pretty reasonable time frame all the while keeping everyone happy and productive. I also manage a blogger outreach team for SEO purposes.


I collaborate on strategy with clients via phone, with writers via PM software, with blogger outreach team via Skype, and in person with local SEO/Web Dev clients in Key West. I also use Slack for project-specific collaboration and communications.


Certified in Google Ads Search. Run small campaigns for clients plus PPC campaigns in Twitter.


3655 Seaside Drive, Key West FL 33040

(305) 853 6036