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From quick troubleshooting to desigining you a master plan, I can help you with SEO at any level.

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I do SEO consulting for all needs, great and small. 

What is SEO Consulting for?

SEO consulting services can fulfill a lot of different business needs. 

Ranging from quick answers to comprehensive projects, here are a few of them:

  • Get pro advice about an SEO technique you’ve heard about
  • Outsource your on-page SEO
  • Learn how to capture the mobile audience
  • Optimize for an international audience
  • Clean up your tags
  • Link development

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If so, you now have three choices:

  1. Hire me to implement the suggestions
  2. Outsource the work to a third party
  3. Do the work yourself

Case Studies

I live in Key West, Florida. Can't you tell?

Vacation Tours

A fishing guide wanted to sell more charters.

E-commerce Business

A seafood market wanted to start selling products online.

Copy Writing Business

An island girl wanted a work-from-home job.

Ben’s Blog

I’m not a writer but I do love writing about SEO, Website Development, Digital Marketing and, occasionally, WordPress Development.

History of SEO Part 1: Link Trading Era 2001-2006

History of SEO Part 1: Link Trading Era 2001-2006

I have seen a bunch of "History of SEO" posts floating around the internet and whenever I read them, I usually laugh and think that it's obvious this writer is a newbie. I thought I should write something about what this industry was really like... for real. Human...