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From quick troubleshooting to desigining you a master plan, I can help you with SEO at any level.

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What is SEO Consulting for?

SEO consulting services can fulfill a lot of different business needs. 

Ranging from quick answers to comprehensive projects, here are a few of them:

  • Get pro advice about an SEO technique you’ve heard about
  • Outsource your on-page SEO
  • Learn how to capture the mobile audience
  • Optimize for an international audience
  • Clean up your tags
  • Link development

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If so, you now have three choices:

  1. Hire me to implement the suggestions
  2. Outsource the work to a third party
  3. Do the work yourself

Case Studies

I live in Key West, Florida. Can't you tell?

Vacation Tours

A fishing guide wanted to sell more charters.

E-commerce Business

A seafood market wanted to start selling products online.

Copy Writing Business

An island girl wanted a work-from-home job.

Ben’s Blog

I’m not a writer but I do love writing about SEO, Website Development, Digital Marketing and, occasionally, WordPress Development.

History of SEO Part 1: Link Trading Era 2001-2006

History of SEO Part 1: Link Trading Era 2001-2006

I have seen a bunch of "History of SEO" posts floating around the internet and whenever I read them, I usually laugh and think that it's obvious this writer is a newbie. I thought I should write something about what this industry was really like... for real. Human...

What Makes an SEO Friendly Ecommerce Platform

What Makes an SEO Friendly Ecommerce Platform

Search engine optimization or SEO is incredibly valuable to you in the world of online marketing today. Not to mention that it is essential to make your website visible on search engine results. So, in the process of creating your online store, you need to be sure...

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