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Ben’s SEO Services

SEO covers a lot of groud. I can help you with all of it. 

Link Building

I do outreach and come up with safe, effective plans to build links. It’s a long-term strategy but if you stick with it, we’ll get results together. 

On-the-Page SEO

I’ll optimize your existing content. That includes improving headers, tags, internal linking and more. And of course, it includes heavy doses of keyword research. 

Technical Optimization

I dive deep into the structure of your website to make sure the back-end pieces are all in place. Google and the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo love this stuff.

SEO Consulting

If you already have an SEO plan in action, I can still help. Get help with troubleshooting. Find answers. Get advice about an ongoing project. Or call for a consultation and I can update you on what’s new in SEO.

Data Analysis & SEO Reporting

I’ll use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console to do reports. Then, I’ll see how your campaign is doing and look for ways to improve it.