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From your business’s online hub to landing pages that drive sales, websites are still key.

I Do Web Design for Sites that Absolutely Have to Perform

Need a fresh approach?

Here’s what you get when you hire an SEO expert to design your website for you (one with a background in web design, at least).

Responsive Web Redesign

Here’s why I make all my websites responsive.   

Some businesses have one website for desktop PC viewing and another for being seen on mobile devices.  The better way is to have just one website that “responds” to the size of the screen where it’s displayed.  That’s responsive web design, and it works on everything…

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Desktop PCs
  • Tablets
  • Kindles

Why is responsive better?

Being mobile-friendly isn’t the only benefit. 

  1. It’s cost-efficient.  A mobile-friendly website design means you’re only maintaining one website, not two.  It’s a faster, cleaner, and a more efficient way to manage your online business.
  2. It’s SEO-friendly.  Not having a responsive website could actually hurt your business. Did you know Google’s search engine algorithm frowns upon websites which haven’t yet gone mobile?  Since the “Hummingbird” update your rankings could suffer simply because you haven’t thought about responsive web design.
  3. Mobile is the future.  Most people now view the web through multiple devices.  They use their smartphones, their tablets and soon their smartwatches to search, browse, purchase, and stay connected.  If you’re planning on reaching all your potential customers, your website must be responsive.

Case Studies

I live in Key West, Florida. Can't you tell?

Vacation Tours

A fishing guide wanted to sell more charters.

E-commerce Business

A seafood market wanted to start selling products online.

Copy Writing Business

An island girl wanted a work-from-home job.

Website Redesign

I can update your existing website for a whole new look.

You may not be looking for a complete overhaul of your business’s website right now. It’s possible that it just needs a few tweaks to get it to convert for you.

A redesign can have all kinds of benefits:

  • Better functionality
  • Focused content your target audience will love
  • A more SEO-friendly structure
  • A better-converting layout
  • Switching to a CMS (converting to WordPress, for example)

WordPress Web Design & Development

Want to take back ownership of your website maintenance?

A website created with the WordPress (WP) content management system is easier for business owners to use. You will be able to do things like adding images, changing up the text, or adding pages to your site.  It’s also easy to update, keep secure, and make edits yourself.

As a WordPress developer, I can build you a custom WP website from scratch that won’t look like a WordPress template.

Let's Work Together!

What happens when you hire an SEO consultant to build your website? Wonderful things.


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