Responsive Web Design

mobilethumbWhat is responsive web design?  

Some businesses have one website for desktop PC viewing and another for being seen on mobile devices.  The better way is to have just one website that “responds” to the size of the screen where it’s displayed.  That’s responsive web design, and it works on everything…

    • smartphones
    • desktop PCs
    • tablets
    • Kindles
    • netbooks

Why is responsive better?

    1. It’s cost-efficient.  A mobile-friendly website design means you’re only maintaining one website, not two.  It’s a faster, cleaner, and a more efficient way to manage your online business.
    2. It’s SEO-friendly.  Not having a responsive website could actually hurt your business. Did you know Google’s search engine algorithm frowns upon websites which haven’t yet gone mobile?  Since the “Hummingbird” update your rankings could suffer simply because you haven’t thought about responsive web design.
    3. Mobile is the future.  Most people now view the web through multiple devices.  They use their smartphones, their tablets and soon their smartwatches to search, browse, purchase, and stay connected.  If you’re planning on reaching all your potential customers, your website must be responsive.

Hi, I am Benjamin Shepardson, the owner of Lake View Studios. I will be the one working on your website.

Prices: I charge $50 an hour to work on websites. In my experience, building or redesigning a website can cost between $200 and $2000 depending on the what is involved.

Contact me and I can give you a better idea of what your project will cost.